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Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association

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About Us

HKNETEA is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to advancing the development of information technology in Hong Kong. Our mission is to foster a knowledgeable and creative new generation by promoting and organizing IT-related activities and competitions.

We aim to inspire a positive outlook and social awareness among young people, providing them with ample opportunities to explore and learn about the latest technological innovations. Join us in nurturing the future of Hong Kong through the power of information technology.

Technology Class.jpg.webp

Vision, Innovation, Knowledgeable and Commitment

is our goal of Talent Development.

Our Objectives

Team Brainstorm
  • To raise the awareness and importance of the application of Creative Information Technology in education

  • To provide more opportunities for Hong Kong’s Teenagers to participate in the international or China region Creative Information Technology education related activities

  • To provide more opportunities for the teenagers to exchange knowledge and experience with different countries

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